Natassa Bofiliou is not exactly a typical child of the 80s – in her post-adolescent years, she loved political analysis as much as the piano. With her unique drive and passion, she has created a musical revolution, bringing together a tribe of people that values openness, honesty, and justice.

Natassa believes that music has the power to create change on both personal and global levels. Her strong belief that music and love can create change, bring new ideas, and spread joy and faith in people has been proven through hundreds of her sold-out performances in Greece and Europe. Natassa loves cats, Monet, sunflowers, Folegandros, and people. Her message is a promise that life can only get better.

From the beginning of her career, Natassa’s work has been characterized by her unique repertoire and the importance given to the lyrics and messages her songs convey. She started her musical journey in 2004 with ‘Aspirini,’ featuring lyrics written by Gerasimos. Evangelatos and music by Kostas Tsirkas. She then collaborated with the composer Themis Karamouratidis, and together they have released 9 successful albums.

Natassa is a dynamic, bright musical force who has built a unique relationship with her audience. She communicates with her audience through her music, sharing their passions and accompanying them as they move forward and evolve. She uses her voice not just to sing but also to express opinions, send messages of support and affirmation, address important issues, and empower her audience.

Natassa Bofiliou is proud to present her latest album, “Κati Κaigetai,”.

Production: Cobalt Music.